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Dog License

Dog licenses are due annually by the close of business on the last business day in January,   A current rabies vaccination certification plus Spay/Neuter certificate (if applicable) is required to license or renew your dog's license.  License(s) will not be issued prior to receiving all required information/certification.


FEES:                   $ 30.00 for Unaltered                $10.00 for Spayed/Neutered               $1.00 Senior

***A penalty fee of $10.00 will be assessed for each pet license request that is received after the deadline (the last working day of January)


You can renew your pet license by mail by following this procedure:

  1. Complete this form: Dog License Form
  2. Enter the amount paid and your home phone and work numbers in the space provided.
  3. The rabies vaccination certificate must be valid at the time of renewal. You must submit a copy of a current rabies certificate.
  4. Make check payable to City of Benton City. Mail your check and the form to the above address. Do not include other payments with this remittance. Your new license tags will be returned to you by mail.
  5. If you have questions, please City Hall at 509-588-3322.

Additional Information

       Senior citizens may qualify for a reduced fee by registering with City Hall. Discounted licenses must be renewed in person at City Hall.

       Please call City Hall at 509-588-3322 if you change your address or phone number.

       A replacement tag is available for a nominal fee.


Licenses are not transferable.

License tags must be worn by the pet.

Benton City has a dog leash law.


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