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Yard Sale Permit


A.        All persons or entities prior to holding yard sale, as defined herein, shall secure a license from the City Clerk upon the submission of the Yard Sale Permit Application in compliance with the following conditions:

1.         No person or entity shall be granted a license to conduct a yard sale more frequently than twelve (12) yard sales during any twelve (12) month period.  No yard sale shall be conducted for a continuous period in excess of three (3) calendar weeks, and all yard sales shall be separated by a period of not less than fourteen (14) calendar days.  In no event may any person or entity be permitted more than 180 yard sale days during any twelve (12) month period.

2.         The yard sale permit must be posted in a conspicuous location at the site of the yard sale for its duration.

3.         The yard sale may be conducted only upon the private property of the applicant and shall not be permitted on sidewalks, alleys, streets or other public ways or property, including the posing of any signs, posters or property.

4.         Yard sales shall be conducted in an orderly fashion as to prevent a disturbance of the peace, public nuisance, or a hazard to persons or properties.

5.         All items offered for sale at the yard sale shall be removed from the sale site at the conclusion of the permitted period.

6.         Violation of this Section shall constitute a civil infraction and may be enforced before the Hearing Examiner and result in the revocation of the permit and suspension of future permits for yard sales.

B.        For the purpose of this Section, “Yard Sale” means a yard sale, patio sale, garage sale, or any similar sale of used or secondhand merchandise offered to the general public.  (Ord. 959, August 2016; Ord. 728, March 2001.)


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