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Our History

City of Benton City

Benton City was founded in 1909 by F. L. Pitman, engineer on the Oregon Washington Railroad and Navigation line. The OWR&N Co. erected freight and passenger depots, and the railway station in Benton City was built about 1910. The station was the brick builidng across from the present vet clinic. Benton City was the early junction point of the Walla Walla, North Yakima line, which was built to help Yakima.

The town site passed into the hands of the Spokane and Eastern Trust Co. as trustees. S. J. Harrison, chief builder of Sunnyside, then organized the Benton Land Co. for handling the town site and adjoining acreage of Benton City. The home of Walter Jacobs was originally the land office and was operated by Percy F. Parker who boarded with the Hartman family. The Hartman family originally built the Conway home on 13th Street.

An extension of the Sunnyside Canal brought water to much of the land in the area in 1947.

The Benton City Hotel, built in the early days of the town, was owned jointly by S. J. Harrison and L. L. Todd. It was a large three-story structure, on the lot where the present NRG Resources is located across from City Hall.. The Hotel burned in 1926

Incorporation of the Town of Benton City

Petition for Incorporation was filed March 26, 1945, after a vote of 76 to 32, and Benton City was incorporated on July 2, 1945.

The first budget, in December 1945, was $ 1,418.00.
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