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Online Bill Pay
Login into XpressBillPay

You can pay your utility bill by debit/credit card and electronic funds transfer (EFT /electronic check). Plus, your email address is your login name, and you choose your password.

The City of Benton City is contracting with Xpress Bill Pay to provide these extra payment services.

View Your Utility Bill Online

You can also use this site just to see what your utility balance is at any time. After a payment, please allow a few days for the payment to appear online. The City receives funds from Xpress Bill Pay the next business day after the payment is actually made. The City uploads utility information to Xpress Bill Pay each business morning.

The City is also using this system for the automatic payment accounts. If you wish to change the account number the system uses to process your payment, please log-in to Xpress Bill Pay and make that change.

Online Utility Bill – Account Set-up Step-by-Step Directions:

Would you like to only view your utility bill online, but continue to pay your bill as you are doing today?

Follow these step-by-step directions (you only need to create an account once, future logins to Xpress Pay will take you directly to step #8):

  1. First Create and Xpress Pay Account (It is not required to pay your bill through Xpress Pay in order to view your bill online).

  2. Once you have entered in your information, email address, utility address, and account number the next page that appears ask you to "Add New e-Bills". (The City of Benton City does not currently offer Request for Utility Service online.)

  3. The next page asks to "enter the organization you would like to add to your managed e-bills" – enter “City of Benton City ”.

  4. Xpress Pay provides payment options for several different companies, in order to view your bill you must select "City of Benton City " as your account. On the following page select the “City of Benton City ” from the list of organizations.

  5. Enter your account number and your last name exactly as it appears on your billing statement.

  6. Select “Locate Account”. (At the bottom of this page is a check box - if you check the box you will receive an email notification when your new utility bills is available to view online.) If you leave the box blank you will continue to receive a paper statement in the mail. Again receiving an electronic statement does not commit you to using Xpress Pay to pay your account, but we generate your electronic statement using Xpress Pay. These steps will allow you to view and receive your utility statement electronically. (Thank you for thinking green!)

  7.   On the next page you will verify the account listed is correct and the account you would like to view by clicking “Yes”.

  8. This is the page you will automatically go to in the future when you login to your Xpress Pay account.*

    This is the page where you can select to “View/Pay e-Bills”, (making this selection will not require you to make an e-bill payment). e-Bills are paid through a “payment” cart, if you add your bill to the cart, then you can pay your bill online. The “View/Pay e-Bills” option allows you to view your current bill online that provides all the information of your paper billing statement including your balance, due date and use.

For more information or help setting up an account, please call Benton City Hall at 509-588-3322.
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