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City Clerk/Treasurer

The City Clerk/Treasurer for the City of Benton City is Tiffany L. Coffland.

The City Clerk/Treasurer is a combined position of both the City Treasurer and the City Clerk. The position serves the Mayor, and City Council, and is responsible for the coordination and distribution of information required for the Planning Commission and City Council to perform their assigned functions. The Clerk-Treasurer is helped in all of these responsibilities by two General Clerks and the Code Enforcement/Animal Control Officer.

The City Clerk/Treasurer’s office oversees and directs all finance functions, including budgeting, accounting, debt management, financial planning, customer services, office and records management, and information services. This division provides financial services including accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, cashiering, general ledger, investments, cash management, grants management, bonds management, LID management and audit control. This division provides financial and budgetary reports for all users of such information, and is responsible for the preparation of the budget and the comprehensive annual financial report. The City Clerk/Treasurer’s office is also responsible for the preparation, publication and distribution of the agenda packets, recording of the minutes of all meetings, maintaining records of all city ordinances and resolutions, and any contracts or legal documents.

The Clerk is responsible for the publication and posting of all official city notices or actions for public hearings or special meetings on the setting or changing of a zoning district, application for subdivision or property, application for code variance, annexation of property, street vacation, the due bid process, and receives legal papers that are served on the City as a Municipal corporation.

The City Clerk/Treasurer is the registered agent for the City, and as such, any claim against the City is filed in the Clerk's office. Submit a signed Claim Form (available below) if you wish to file a claim for damage.

The City Clerk is also the Public Records Officer for the City. If you wish to make a request for public records, please complete a Records Request Form (available below) and submit it to the City Clerk's Office.

Contact Us
Tiffany L. Coffland
City Clerk/Treasurer

City Hall
1009 Dale Avenue, Suite A
Benton City, WA 99320

Phone: 509-588-3322


7:30 am - 4:00 pm
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Benton City
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